Facebook ads — eerily accurate?

I’ve never really noticed avertisements on Facebook and it strikes me that must be a major reason for its success. I am aware, however, of debate about Facebook allowing private data (such as keywords etc) to be used for advertisers to target specific audiences.

So it was struck earlier today when I noticed, for the first time, a series of adverts on the right hand side of my page, and wondered what they say about me.

Currently in prime place is an advert for the PAP, reminding me, in case I had forgotten, how the party is serving the people of Singapore.

Directly below that is one that seduces me with the line “Date Ladies in Singapore” while immediately below that another advert offers “84% off IPL hair removal”.

So clearly the advertisers think I’m interested in a politically astute single Ah Lien or Mina who keeps a tidy garden…

Spot on, actually!


About FoxFromZim

I am a journalist from Zimbabwe, currently based in Singapore. I report chiefly on international affairs, specialising in politics, war and natural disasters when not playing golf badly.
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